About Us

Welcome to CharlesDante, where our mission is to turn your life into a work of art.  We believe that photography is the essential element in preserving those breathtaking and remarkable moments that God permits us, so we treat each customer as one of our own irreplaceable memories.

CharlesDante is more than just another photography service provider.  In fact, photography is not the first, nor the last step, in our unique process. 

Our team is composed of image consultants, makeup artists, stage and lighting directors, graphic designers, and of course, photographers who all work together to create a beautiful picture.  Each team member specializes in his or her field in order to make sure each piece of the product is a finished good. 

We digitally enhance all of photographs for the perfect picture so the memories not only last, but look great as well.  We care deeply about our product, but we care more about your satisfaction with it.  We hope that your experience with us is just as memorable as those you are trying to capture.
Along with our services, we also offer the following products:
• Customized prints
• Print packages
• Color photobooks
• Posters
• Print media

Whether you are looking to capture a timeless event, build a portfolio, or simply provide photographs for loved ones, we have the skill and expertise to accommodate your every need.  We look forward to shooting you!

CharlesDante Photography
Tel:   678.333.3074